Color Chart

2 Tone Sunburst  2 Tone Sunburst (Lacquer Top)

3 Tone Sunburst  Aged Matte Blonde

Blue Flower         Blonde

Black                      Burgundy Mist

Brown Sunburst  Candy Apple Red

California Blue    Cherry Burst

Cherry                   Competition Orange

Capri Orange       Daphne Blue

Dolphin Gray       Dakota Red

Fiesta Red            Gun Metal Blue

Ice Blue                Gun Metal Red Burst

Inca Silver           Jupiter Blue

Natural                Light Amber Sunburst

Old Candy Apple Red  Old Lake Placid Blue

Ocean Tortoise Metallic  Off White Blonde

Olympic White   Pastry Red

Purple Sparkle   Red

Sonis Blue           Surf Green

Shell Pink           See-Through Red Burst

Suno White        See-Through White Burst

Tobacco Sun Burst  Transparent Black

Transparent Blue   Torino Red

Transparent Pink   US Gun Metal Blue

US Blonde               Vintage Mahogany

Vintage Natural     Vintage White

Walnut                    Yellow White

Note: Actual color might be different depending on your computer monitor or browser.



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