3. History

Fender Japan debuted in 1982, 30 years after the Telecaster was born. 6 Made in Japan Fender branded models of Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass with 14 variations were introduced as Vintage Series. Then the following year, custom Telecaster with body bindings and big pickguard like the original Precision Bass was added to the lineup. In 1984, more Telecaster variations were added to the lineup which included the Telecaster Maniac Paisley and hollow-body Telecaster Thinline, the symbol of Telecaster rock and roll. Afterwards,  Jaguar, Mustang and Jazzmaster Collectors Edition appeared. The Vintage lineup of Fender Japan was finally completed.  At that time, Fender Japan also produced several models together with the Vintage series to showcase the originality of Fender Japan. Medium scale models, Boxer Series, Profile Series and Aerodyne Series were added to the lineup.

The J-Craft products original models keep evolving in compliance with the needs of the new generation and loved by most artists. Fender Japan has grown up for a quarter of a century together with the artists in Japan. Fender Japan will always be sticking to MADE IN JAPAN and will focus to the sound, in particular to the materials to create a distinctive sound in the future.


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