Welcome to the Unofficial English Site of Fender® Japan. I made this site for non-Japanese speakers since the Official Fender® Japan Website is written only in Japanese (of course). Most of the informations here were taken from the Official Fender® Japan Website. I also added some goodies especially those that don’t exist in the Official Fender® Japan Website to make this more interesting.

I hope you find this website/blog useful, informative and most importantly entertaining! Please do drop by once in a while as I will be updating this often. Your feedbacks, suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

The bass on the header is my very own CIJ Precision Bass PB70-US (the last of the CIJ series).

Thank you!

Greetings from Japan!



Disclaimer: I am not related or have any connections or relationships whether professional or personal with Fender Japan or any groups associated with Fender Japan. I never receive any support from Fender Japan to maintain this website. I just hope  Fender Japan won’t send any police knocking on my door.

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